Redefining What's Possible

Sep 12, 2019

When I think of where I was just 5 short years ago, it blows my mind. 

Hi, I am Lianne, a Business Coach and the CEO of Mamas & Co. But just 5 years ago I was neither of those things. I was a new mom of two small children. I had a day job that I liked (but didn't love). I was working 40 hours a week and had a time-sucking commute. My days were non-stop moving and doing and trying to make everyone else happy.


But the truth was, I wasn't happy. 


I was doing all the things a good mom does. I was taking my kids to activities, and keeping a clean house, and making healthy meals and trying to make time for my spouse, all while trying to be a great employee, friend, daughter and sister. 


My God, it was exhausting. 


Then somewhere around 2015, something shifted in me. I realized that I had done all the things I had hoped I would by age 40. I had a great husband, amazing kids, good job, lovely house.... but I felt like there had to be more...

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Changing Lives - One Camera at a Time

Aug 18, 2019

When I came up with this initiative, I had no idea how it would turn out – 2 years later and 2 trainings done, I know I am on to something good.


As a past producer in the film and television industry, I first went to Uganda in 2007 to do a documentary about the exile my family and I experienced under dictator Idi Amin in 1972.  I knew I wanted to change the plight of girls in Uganda, but I just did not know what it was at the time.


Fast forward to August 2017 and I woke up in the middle of the night with inspiration or a crazy dream – you choose!  I shook my husband awake and exclaimed “I know what I want to do for the rest of my life – I want to go to Uganda and train girls in photography” he mumbled “here we go again” as admittedly I was always coming up with crazy ideas.  He turned around and went back to bed and I started writing out the plan.


Exactly one year later I had embarked on my first training...

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Marketing a Physical Product

Aug 06, 2019

Coming up with a product idea can be tricky.  Even trickier is knowing if your idea will be successful. When you think of the fact that approximately 80% of new products fail, you want to make sure that your product is one of the 20%! It’s important to do your homework before launching a new product to ensure that you’ll have a profitable venture.


But don’t fret because we’ve got your back!  Here are 10 tips to nailing your product idea:   


Does it solve a problem? 

This is the most important aspect of a new product idea.  Does it solve a problem that your target market is facing in their everyday life?  Is it solving a pain point that causes them frustration, costing them negative emotion, time or money?  If the answer is yes, then you’re on the right track! 


Does it fulfill an unmet need?

Does the product fulfill an unmet need in the market, otherwise known as a...

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Creating Content that Connects

Jul 22, 2019

We all recognize that content development is a necessary part of running a business.  


However, in our fast-paced, digital world, we are constantly bombarded by information.  If you want to capture your audience’s attention and in turn loyalty and business, then your brand can’t afford to be a faceless entity.  Human connection is critical. This is where sharing the story of your business and brand comes in.


Storytelling is the narrative of your brand.  It conveys the purpose and the “why” behind your business.  It evokes the feelings and emotions associated with your brand.   When done effectively and consistently, it ultimately helps you stand out and connect with your audience. 


Here are some tips to keep in mind, as you get ready to share your story: 


Be authentic

You may hear this often, but it’s so important.  Being genuine will always connect more with readers than...

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The Summertime Balancing Act

Jun 24, 2019

'Tis the season for kids to be out of school, the long summer stretched out ahead. While they are filled with the joy of warm summer days, playdates, bike riding, freezies and swimming, we mompreneurs are desperately trying to manage all of the things that keep our families and our business' running smoothly. Just listing off the responsibilities you're about to try and conquer is overwhelming. So, let's all take a big, deep breath and read on for tips and strategies for surviving this balancing act!  


I want you to know that I totally get how hard juggling everything is. I walk in your shoes daily, trying to fit everything in without enough time or hands. If only I could figure out how to double or triple myself, life would be so much easier. But, let's face it; this is never going to happen. You and I are both just one mama, with one set of hands and a list that's a mile long.  


So, how in the heck do we manage all of this...

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Project Mighty Hearts

Jun 10, 2019

"You'll need to bring your son to SickKids in the next hour." 


Those were the words I heard on the phone around 8:30 am on March 7, 2018, while holding my 18-day old son as he slept in my arms.  


The last thing a family rushing off to The Hospital for Sick Children is thinking about is grabbing a camera to take photos. But that's precisely what I did when I frantically packed to get to SickKids after I received that call.  


The week before this, my son had worn a heart Holter for 24 hours, a device that measures a person's heart rate. The results of that Holter are what prompted the phone call and the urgency to get to SickKids.  


Fortunately, we only live 20 minutes away.  


I think I thanked the cardiologist for validating my feelings about my son.  That morning I was about to call my midwife to finally put my foot down that there was something bigger going on with my son. The cardiologist had...

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Giving Back Mamapreneur Style

May 27, 2019

Are you like me and have always dreamed of having a job and making the world a better place for you and your kids at the same time? I mean, maybe you even started your own business for that reason?  That’s your why! In this case, we can have it all, and we can do it by finding ways to build the world we want while building our business.  


Working with charities is my passion. And I’ve had the privilege of working with dozens of them professionally and as a volunteer in the past 20 or so years.   That’s why I started BridgeRaise to helfundraisers build great partnerships between their charities and companies. Along the way, I’ve seen some incredible examples of giving back at organizations large and small.   With this in mind, I’m happy to share some ideas on how you can fuel your passion for giving back in a way that fits with your business, even if you are just starting out. ...

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Best Biz Podcasts for Mompreneurs

May 13, 2019

It goes without saying that we mamaprenuers are busy. We’re raising a family while running a business all at the same time, and most weeks there’s not a minute to spare, so using our time wisely is paramount.


This might be one of the reasons why listening to podcasts has become super popular amongst our community. It’s so easy to learn on the go, from the car, while making dinner or for our founder Lianne Kim, while at her daughter’s cheer practice. As she says “I gotta be there anyway, why not make the most of it!”


That's why we decided to compile a list of our favorite business podcasts as shared by our members. Side bonus, many of the podcasters listed are also juggling business and family, so they totally get it!


  1. We were thrilled to hear that quite a few of our mamas said they thoroughly enjoyed The Business of Becoming by our Business Bootcamp 2019 keynote speaker Lori Kennedy. While Lori is an expert at helping...
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Being the Mom You Want to Be

May 01, 2019

Hello Mamas!


One of the biggest challenges that we face as mompreneurs is “How can I be a good mom and succeed in business?” We beat ourselves up thinking that we’re not giving enough, doing enough or trying hard enough overall. While we all know that this is par for the course, please take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Take a deep breath and have a look at these three tips that not only silence those nasty voices but strengthen you as a parent and as a businesswoman. While they aren’t easy fixes, they are definitely worth the effort!


#1 - Practice giving your best self at home

Here’s a funny thing - when we give our best to those that we live with, it tends to overflow into work relationships.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to work as well in reverse. Our kiddos have dependencies and vulnerabilities that our clients don’t, and they need us to prioritize our relationships with them.


When we practice...

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Develop your Story through ‘Personal Brand’ Photography

Apr 11, 2019

The value of visual communication has grown exponentially with the advent of digital marketing on social media. As a result, photography has become more crucial than ever before to the promotion of entrepreneurs, their products and services, and their brands.


Images capture the attention, imagination, and curiosity of the viewers.  The goal of posting a great image on social media is to have a viewer linger on it, which dramatically increases the likelihood that they will read the information that accompanies it. Text accompanied by images on social media has been shown to generate more engagement than text without images.  Example: When accompanied by a photograph, Facebook campaigns have 65% more engagement, and tweets, an average of 35% more retweets.


Images contribute visual creativity and style to a business venture. When carefully tailored to you and your professional world, they show the authentic you, you as you are going about the business of running...

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