Redefining What's Possible

Sep 12, 2019

When I think of where I was just 5 short years ago, it blows my mind. 

Hi, I am Lianne, a Business Coach and the CEO of Mamas & Co. But just 5 years ago I was neither of those things. I was a new mom of two small children. I had a day job that I liked (but didn't love). I was working 40 hours a week and had a time-sucking commute. My days were non-stop moving and doing and trying to make everyone else happy.


But the truth was, I wasn't happy. 


I was doing all the things a good mom does. I was taking my kids to activities, and keeping a clean house, and making healthy meals and trying to make time for my spouse, all while trying to be a great employee, friend, daughter and sister. 


My God, it was exhausting. 


Then somewhere around 2015, something shifted in me. I realized that I had done all the things I had hoped I would by age 40. I had a great husband, amazing kids, good job, lovely house.... but I felt like there had to be more to life than this. And the hardest part? I felt a lot of guilt for feeling this way. Shouldn't I be happy with what I had? What I had was really good! Shouldn't I feel content? 


But I wasn't content. I had a deep longing to make a more significant impact on the world. I really had no idea how I could make that impact (running my own business full-time was the farthest thing from my mind). But still, that nagging feeling persisted that I could and should be doing more. 


My ah-hah moment was when I had a bunch of mamapreneurs friends over to my house to share what I knew about sales. I thought, "I'm good at sales, maybe I can offer them something here."


That was the night that changed my entire life. That night I realized the impact that I could make:  Helping mama entrepreneurs achieve their wildest dreams by assisting them to harness and sell their own unique skills and gifts. 


By this time, Mamas & Co. existed under a different name but was really only a few local friends who would get together for a glass of wine once and a while to talk about life and business. 


Still, I knew I had found my calling. I started dreaming of this community I had created, growing and expanding to more and more mamapreneurs, not just in my neighbourhood but across the Toronto area, and then eventually across Canada. I started fantasizing what it would be like to do this full time, to spend my days leading and coaching women to greatness. I started longing to break free from some of the chains of having a day job, so I could focus on my newfound passion with 100% of my energy. 


I started to allow myself the freedom and permission to DREAM. 


What happened next was truly miraculous. Because of the support of the amazing women inside the Mamas & Co. community, I worked up the courage to quit my day job and work on my passion full time. I quickly surpassed the revenue I had made in my day job and then started working towards more. 


And here's the most important part: I got clear on what I really wanted with all my heart, and I worked up the courage to go after it! 


You see, every day we're surrounded by people who mean well, but don't necessarily have our best interests at heart. We're surrounded by messages from our family, friends, and society at large telling us to play it safe and stay small. 


We hate the idea of being judged by others for being too big, too bold, too egressing, too powerful, and so we dim our light because we don't want to upset others. And frankly, we're scared of what will happen if we don't achieve our wildest dreams. And then we're afraid of what will happen if we do. 


If this is you, my friend, I feel you. I lived in this space for SO long that it almost paralyzed me. When I think of what would have happened if I hadn't listened to my gut and my heart years ago if I hadn't allowed myself the ability to dream big and go for what I really wanted... well frankly, I don't even want to think of where I'd be now. Probably in precisely the same spot, just getting by, but wanting more. 


Mama, I'm here to tell you that whatever you want in life, you can have it! You don't have to accept the future version of you that others define as normal, or even successful. YOU get to define what success is for yourself. YOU get to write your own rules. YOU get to redefine what is possible. 


What's it going to take?

  1. A willingness to tune out the noise and get clear on what you really want in life (in essence, redefining what IS possible for you)
  2. A determination to make your dreams a reality
  3. Getting out of your comfort zone
  4. Surrounding yourself with women who are doing what you want to be doing
  5. Taking brave, bold action


Mama, if you're ready to turn your dreams into reality, we are here for you, and we want to encourage you to join us at this year's annual conference - MamaCon on Saturday, October 26th in Toronto. 


We will help you get clear on what you really want to achieve. We will connect you with the people, skills and resources you need. And we will help you redefine what is possible and chart a course for your version of success. 


For more information on MamaCon, visit our Website


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