4 Tips for Mastering the Sales Conversation

4 Tips for Mastering the Sales Conversation

Call them discovery calls, sales calls… Whatever you call them, we know mastering this skill is critical to growing your business. If there is one top sales tip I can give you, it’s this:

Sales don’t happen in Facebook or emails. Sales happen in conversations.

That said, it can be really scary to get on the phone with someone for the first time and feel like you have to sell yourself to them. This can give us that “icky”, sleazy feeling, that we often associate with sales. It can also cause anxiety and stress.

I wanted to share my Top 4 Tips for mastering the sales conversation, without that ick-factor.

Tip #1: It’s all about them, not you

I know that this might sound counter-intuitive, but sales is truly all about the other person, not about you. When we fully embrace this idea, it takes quite a lot of pressure off us, so we can focus on the other person with an aim to serve them.

What does this look like in a sales conversation? Well first of all if you want to get to know this person as a person, not as a possible sale. Start the call off my asking about their life, their family, their job, the things they love to do... Make them feel special and cared for and heard.

Next, you want to ask really great open-ended questions to get them talking about their needs. Your job is simply to listen, to acknowledge, and to make note of their biggest pain points, so you can address these later.

Tip #2: Speak their language

It's very important that we speak our clients’ language in sales conversations (and really any interaction with them). We never want our clients to feel isolated or misunderstood. That means we shouldn't be speaking in any industry jargon or complicated terms. We want to speak clearly so that literally a child could understand what we’re saying.

You will also want to use the words that your clients use when talking about their pain points. Let them understand that you understand that their problem is a legitimate one, and something you can help them with.

Tip #3: My 10% rule

Only 10% of the call should be dedicated to you talking about and selling your stuff. That may mean that you need to create longer more intimate conversations in order to have enough time to get to know the person and their problems and to speak to what you can offer them.

In my experience, the best sales call often last upwards of 30 minutes!

Next, it’s crucial to speak confidently and clearly about your packages and pricing. If you don't do this, you may confuse and/or discourage the person on the other side of the conversation. If you don’t sound like you know what your offer is, then there is no chance they will know what it is either.  

Remember to focus on the benefits. People don't buy things, they buy they way that thing will make them feel. So be sure to paint the picture of an incredible client experience. Dig deep to uncover what the biggest benefits of your product or service is and be prepared to speak loud and proud about those benefits.

Tip #4: Practice, practice, practice

If it doesn't feel natural or easy at first, don't give up! The best salespeople are the ones that have tenacity and persistence - I've been at this for 15 years, and let me tell you, while I've grown to love sales, it was not a natural skill!

Keep practicing in these tips with your clients. If you don't have a lot of clients right now, ask some business buddies if they wouldn't mind role-playing sales conversations with you. Take turns, and give each other constructive feedback.


Because this topic is so important for every entrepreneur, our next webinar is all about mastering the sales conversation! Join us live Tuesday September 26th or register for the replay. Learn more and register here.

Lianne Kim is the co-leader of Mamas & Co. and owner of Think Big Sales Consulting where she helps entrepreneurs and small business create systems and strategies to help them grow their business.


Lianne Kim

Hit home, Lianne!! How do you get someone’s phone number when they’ve come to you via FB or email funnels. Especially, in a funnel, you want to make it easy for them to optin, not to hesitate, so you only ask for email and name? Do I need to say the reason for getting the number? I’ve tried getting them to book on calendly… crickets, so I think it has to be me getting the number upfront and calling at a certain point of the funnel. P.S. I was going to call you and ask you this very thing so thank you for reading my mind!

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