Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Mamapreneurs

Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Mamapreneurs

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and we know there are plenty of gift guides floating around the internet. That said, our mama members are a different breed. We thought it would be fun to create a gift guide strictly dedicated to the awesome Mamapreneur on your list this Mother’s Day. We created a thread in our private member forum, and our members all chimed in! 

There was an overwhelming chorus of mamas asking simply for time to themselves! This was expressed in many ways. In fact, member Melanie posted: “A day to myself would be glorious. A close runner-up would be a day where no one is allowed to ask me a question and just has to figure it out for themselves.”

Our co-leader Emma said she wanted a week of not having to make meals. Amen, sister! We know how much time and energy goes into keeping our families nourished and happy. That’s why meal-delivery services such as Farm to Table Meals or Hello Fresh are so fantastic for the busy mama entrepreneur.

It’s no secret that our mamas are always learning and growing. Our other co-leader Lianne Kim mentioned that she’d like a subscription to Audible, which is a service that provides audiobooks for a monthly fee. This way you can “read” a business book while you are driving or doing the laundry!

Some members preferred the idea of a gift that represented their motherhood journey. Our member Karen of Citrus Silver, makes gorgeous hand-stamped sterling silver jewellery, such as a pendant with your child’s name stamped on it. They are super-popular for Mother’s Day.

We also feature an item by Citrus Silver in our Mamas & Co Online Store, along with our ever-popular Mama Inspiration Bracelet, which was designed by member Abby of Breathing Inspiration. Made of Howlite (for creativity and clarity), Grey Agate (for balance and calm) and Sunstone (for joy and vitality), the bracelet reflects the Mamas & Co. brand colours. Like our members, it's stylish, versatile and has purpose.

Some members simply wanted to capture sweet moments with their little one(s). A few of our member businesses, like Trina Turl Photography and Pictonat Photographyoffer Mommy-and-me sessions and family photo packages.  

Many of our mamas declared a desire for gifts relating to self-care. For example, some wanted time at a spa such as the award-winning Spa My Blend at the Ritz Carleton Toronto. It truly doesn’t get more decadent than that!  For a more detailed list of the best spas in Toronto, visit this article in BlogTO.

However, not all mamas need a spa experience to feel relaxed. In fact, a few mentioned they’d like a one-hour massage. Some of our member businesses that offer this service are Oma Chiropractic in East Toronto and RPM Physiotherapy in West Toronto.

Of course, if your favourite mamapreneur is not yet a member of Mamas & Co. then the best gift of all is an annual membership to our amazing community! It costs just $149 and they receive a ton of great benefits such as access to our private online community, discounts on products and events, promotional opportunities and so much more! Visit our Join Now page for more info.

Now go ahead, and share this blog with the ones you love, so you can ensure you get a fabulous gift this year that truly celebrates what a great mom you are!

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