Expert Tips for Stellar Holiday Photos

Expert Tips for Stellar Holiday Photos

If you’re anything like us, life is flying by so quickly. Your kids are growing up fast and sometimes you feel like you are missing out on some of the best moments of their childhood. Well, you’re not alone.  

Though the holidays can be stressful, it’s important to take time to capture those special little (and big) moments.

At Mamas & Co. we are proud to have several amazing photographers within our community, some of whom specialize in family photos. While they are busy with holiday shoots, they took time to share some advice with our mamas who are looking to capture your own special moments this holiday season.

One of the top tips was to see things through the eyes of your children. Many of our experts suggested getting down at your child’s level, so you can get some images from their perspective (such as the main image for this blog, taken by Nathalie Amlani of Pictonat Photography).

All of our resident photography experts agreed that being prepared was essential. For example, Nathalie says; “It helps to take a moment to list out some of the special moments you’d like to capture so that your images tell a story and so you’re not taking photos of every single moment.  Focus on capturing special moments and traditions, which often aren’t posed, such as decorating the tree, meal prep, opening gifts, matching PJs, etc. “

And being prepared goes beyond the list of shots you want to capture. Krista Fogel of Krista Fogel Photography suggests “Don't forget to charge your batteries and have memory cards all ready to go! Last year we had a train set awaiting my son and I had to hustle hard to beat him to the scene.”

And all of our contributors agreed that it’s important to enjoy the moment. “Have fun! Don’t worry about it being perfect. Capture the mood and feelings of family and friends celebrating together.” Say Trina of Trina Turl Photography.  “And don’t forget to put your camera down and relish the Holidays. It’s hard to hug while you’re taking pictures.”

We think these ideas are excellent reminders of things to be aware of while capturing those special holiday moments. Your family will have a great time, and so will you. And you’ll have the photos to prove it!

From all of us here at Mamas & Co. - Happy Holidays!

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