From Darkness to Discovering my Vision

From Darkness to Discovering my Vision

Not long ago I had a pretty normal life and a normal job. For over a decade I worked in media at various companies (CTV, Corus Entertainment, Harlequin, and Rogers) in varying roles – you name it, I tried it (marketing, research, sales, creative promotions, etc.). Life was busy and I was chugging along.

In December 2009 my world abruptly changed when I lost my mom to cancer. As an only child of divorced parents, it was always just my mom and I, so losing her was the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. 

After my mom died, a big part of me died too. 5 months after her passing I gave birth to my second daughter and although this was supposed to be a joyous, happy occasion, all I could think of was that my mom would never meet Taylor Elsie McLeod (Elsie is my mom's name) and how desperately I longed to be by her side.  

I isolated myself from people because I didn't want to talk about it. Talking about it made the pain more real. I spent about 2 years of living in a dark, heavy fog - living as a muted version of myself - a woman without her special sauce and her unique spark.

After those two years I finally emerged from the cave I'd been hibernating in ready to connect with people and making my the most of my life - all of which reignited my zest for life.

I know what it is like to live with passion and purpose (and to live without them), which is why it became so important for me to help other women design their lives so that they too are living with passion and loving their lives!

I discovered I wanted to help people in some capacity and I decided to make a big career change. I went back to school as a mature student (sadly I didn’t attend as many keg parties this time around) and I earned a degree in Psychology. After graduating I was introduced to the world of coaching and I fell in love.

Now as a professional certified coach I am living my dream. I run workshops, talks and events with the aim to help kick-ass women take their lives, careers, and businesses to the next level.

One of my most popular workshops I do is focused on creating vision boards. A vision board is an effective tool that can help you define what you really want to achieve in life and reach new, amazing heights.

What is a vision board?

It is a visual representation of what you want your life to look like. It reflects your values, goals and dreams.

Why do I need one?

Creating a vision board gets you thinking about where you are at, what’s important to you and where you want to go.

How do I use one?

Seeing your vision board every day keeps your goals top of mind as well as the action steps required to move you towards your vision. Having a vision board can act as motivation reminding you of you WHY. You can use your board as an assessment tool for your life. Every year you can re-evaluate your dreams and goals and reflect on your progress 

My vision board hangs on the wall across from my bed. It is the first thing I see in the morning which helps me set my intentions for the day and it is the last thing I see at night which helps me acknowledge the progress that I am making towards my goals. 

I am so passionate about helping others create positive change in their life, and I am excited to be leading a Vision Board Workshop for Mamas & Co. for members on February 8th. I invite you to join us by registering here!


Courtney McLeod is an accomplished personal coach and speaker and is the owner of Kick-Ass Coaching and a thriving Facebook community called Kick-Ass Ladies with over 300 members and growing.


Emma Rohmann

Thank you for sharing your story, Leanne, It really inspired me.xoxo

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