How I Became a Mummy Blogger

How I Became a Mummy Blogger

Maybe you can relate to my journey.

Ever wanted something so desperately and believed in it so passionately yet making it happen, taking that gigantic leap, completely terrified you?

Ever worked so hard on something and known that it’s within reach, yet you are paralyzed to make the final stretch?

That was me. Here’s my story.

Over five years ago I left a war zone in North Kivu in the Congo, 3 months pregnant with our first son. For a year Jonathan and I had shared a little tin roof shack with a family of mice and a living compound with a team of other expats, all of us working with Doctors Without Borders. As a Midwife I had been responsible for the Reproductive services in a large hospital. This translated to be a year of being on call 24 hours a day, managing hundreds of emergencies. Experiencing the highs of saving lives and suffering the heartbreak of losing some.

It was a long journey physically and emotionally leaving those mountains. From a life of knowing I was making a difference in the world every day, to transitioning back to a life in the western world and becoming a mother.

I have not worked as a Midwife since, choosing to stay at home and raise my now 3 little people. A life with different responsibilities, using my energy, skills and passion in new ways. For the most part I have been immensely happy in my new role, watching my children grow, learning new skills, discovering a love of baking and gardening, embracing creative play with the kids and my continued interest in adopting practices with minimize our family’s impact on the environment.

But 12 months ago (in hind-site during a mild identity crisis), I decided I needed a little something for me, a way to express my creativity, to use my brain, a way to build a new community outside of being a wife and mummy.

I had an idea! Which would soon become a bit of an obsession.

My husband, if asked, would say I’m near impossible to live with. I have an active mind and imagination, I find it difficult to rest, I take too much on, and try to juggle too many balls.

I believe he would describe his wife as a restless soul always searching for something.

2 years ago I declared I was going vegan. I’m sure it came as no surprise 12 months ago when I declared I was going to start a blog. He has perfected the surprised yet supportive look, an eye roll, slight shaking of the head followed by a smile. I know the look well.

That was over 12 months ago and last Friday after a long and emotional journey for us all my Blog, Little Green Lives, went live.  

Working on ‘Little Green Lives’ over the last 12 months had pushed me to my limits and produced self doubt I never knew possible. But my belief in this idea, this dream of mine fueled by motivation and passion, kept me determined to see it through.

Self doubt has been the hardest part of this journey, questioning my self worth, my value, my knowledge, my qualification to advise and educate others.

So in the face of failure, on the brink of giving up, the words “you got this mama” are what got me through. Spoken from someone who believed in me/this/Little Green Lives. That person was a fellow mama from Mamas & Co.

When she described herself and her new business (Tree Swing Communications) in a post on the private Mamas & Co. group, I was certain she was the one to help me to make this happen - and she did.

So while working on my writing style, photography editing and basic graphic design and with her support I did some much needed self-analysis.

My qualification as a blogger can only be my life experience, my world view. My niche is me, formed by my world travels, my history and passions, and what I have come to realize is, this is what makes my blog and brand unique. It’s what others don’t have.

From self-doubt I have gained a new level of self-confidence and now feel even proud that with often a toddler on my lap a baby on my breast, using fleeting moments to work on this, I managed to pull it off.

So whatever your dream is, sometimes you have to take that leap, because you are you, and if fills you with passion, if it consumes you, it’s definitely worth fighting for.

You got this Mama.

Sam Jennings is a mom of 3, and founder of You can also check out this little video of her time in the Congo.

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