How to Cope in an Uncertain World

How to Cope in an Uncertain World

I woke up earlier than usual, so while I waited for my sleeping husband and babes to get up I scrolled through my Facebook feed. Today it was full of "This world is going to hell in a hand basket" and "I am truly afraid for the world we live in". I wanted to pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep.

First it was the Paris attacks last year. Within just a few short weeks we have witnessed tragedies of epic proportion in Orlando and Dallas. And yesterday it was Nice. And those are just what made headlines. It seems everywhere we look there is bad news and more and more destruction of lives. It's so easy to feel scared and overwhelmed by everything we see and what we know our children can also see, although they may not understand.

How do we cope? What can we do?

While it's true that we as individuals cannot change the problems of the world overnight, I propose there are a few small, simple things we can do that can add up to a big difference. It's my hope this blog post gets shared so that more and more of us can spread some better stories.

1. Be Kind
It seems all too easy, but when we act with kindness to others we pass that energy along. It's easy to show kindness to those we love; our family, our friends and immediate circles. But I challenge you to show kindness to those where it may be more difficult; your competitors, your challengers. The people who put out negative energy are the ones who need your positive energy the most.

2. Do Not Act Out of Fear
Fear is natural but it can also be paralyzing. Most importantly, fear should not be the guiding force of our life choices and decisions. When we let fear influence our every move, we let it win. And we cannot move forward when fear wins because fear can easily lead to hate. Love must always win.

3. Support through Community
In moments like this we need our communities the most, whether online or physical. If you are a part of a tribe like Mamas & Co. or East Toronto Young Mothers Facebook Group, reach out within those communities. Share your thoughts and feelings, talk it out and appreciate the support you get from these tribes. Not everyone is as lucky as we are to have this kind of support. Use it and take comfort from it.

4. Turn Off the Bad News
This one may be controversial but I suggest we minimize the negative noise. Just the other day we were watching Breakfast Television while eating our breakfast and the story was particularly grim. Our children, though not fully understanding the situation were still absorbing it in some small way. My husband shouted "That's it!" and he got up and turned it off. We don't need "information" 24/7. What we, as humans, crave is drama. The news outlets know this, and thus feed us more of what we want, so we will watch more. But in the end end it does no good to hear the same stories from 18 different voices. Be informed, but don't be polluted. What we focus on we manifest in life, and we must resist giving the problem more attention than the solution.

5. Spread More of the Good Stuff
We cannot erase the tragedies of life, but we can offer an alternative. I challenge everyone to share more of the good stories in their own lives and their communities. Use social media for it's original purpose to connect with others in positive ways. Post items that will not only make others smile, but will motivate and inspire others. Every one of us is full of the potential to help others and lift them up.
What can you do today in your life to share more of the good news we actually need? What can you post on your social media feed that will lift the spirits of those around and thus lead to more positive actions?
Life is so very short and very precious as we know all too well these past months. What can you do to make your life a Masterpiece? How can you affect positive change in small ways? 
I know this will not make the problems of the world go away, but if I can help others with my own words and actions... well, it's not everything, but it's a start.
Thank you for reading.

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