How Your Community Shapes Your Business

How Your Community Shapes Your Business

We have seen firsthand how surrounding yourself with the right kind of people can be critical to success. Growing your network - your community - is not just about trying to turn them into customers. In fact, that’s often just a happy side benefit! Here are 6 ways we see our members supporting one another in the Mamas & Co. community.

They have your back

Sometimes running a business can be hard. Sometimes we have difficult clients or we lose a big sale. Sometimes we need advice or strategy or just someone to listen. We see this all the time in our Facebook forum. Because of our values and the strength of community we have fostered, our members feel comfortable sharing not only the highs but also the lows while garnering support from other members.

They celebrate your wins

A true supporter is there for us not only in the hard times, but also in the good times. It’s important to have people who understand what we’re going through, when times get tough. But it’s equally important to have people who know how hard it is to succeed and to celebrate our successes right alongside with us. Our frequent “share your wins” threads in our member forum are some of the most popular ways to connect online.

They lift you higher

When you surround yourself with driven, successful people, you in turn become driven and successful. We are very proud of the community we have cultivated, and so often we see our members achieving huge levels of success in their business. They will often share their wins at events and online, which in turn inspires others to push themselves and make great leaps in their own business.

They make a purchase

Through a combination of our online community and in-person events, our members get to share what they do with others. As a result, we often see our members become each other’s customers and clients. It’s a wonderful side benefit of being in a community of small business owners - they understand the value of financial support.

They collaborate with you

One of our favourite parts of getting to watch over 300 business owners grow and evolve is seeing the collaborations that result from our community. A few examples we’ve seen first hand include: guests on podcasts to conference presenters; co-creating a training program; guest speakers in workshop series’; co-hosting workshops; and many more. These collaborations help our members further grow their reach and income - together!

If you’d like to be part of a community that wants to see you grow, while you play a role in helping others’ grow too, now is the time to join our community! Member benefits kick in the moment you register and are valid for all of 2018. Click here to join now.  

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