Turning 40 and Unleashing the Power of Me

Turning 40 and Unleashing the Power of Me

Last week I turned the big 4-0.

About 3 weeks before that, I shared my bright idea with my partners, Emma and Linnea, that I wanted to write a blog all about what turning 40 means to me and what life will be like heading into my forties. Then life got in the way, as it tends to do.

I discovered an event that was happening two weeks from then, that I really wanted to attend in Dallas, Texas. My first thought was “there is no way I can make this happen”. And then it became “If I really wanted to, could I make it happen?” and then “OK, how am I going make this happen?” and before I knew it “Oh sh*t, it’s happening!”

I am very aware that Tony Robbins and his approach is not for everyone, but I will confess he has always struck a chord with me. Perhaps it is our mutual love of speaking loudly in crowds with enormous grins on our faces. So when I discovered his Unleash the Power Within seminar (or “UPW”, as his fans call it) on his website, I was intrigued. I’d love to say that I moved heaven and earth to make it happen, but the truth is everything kind of fell into place, which made it just to tough to say no. The only issue was the trip was 2 weeks out and I had so much on my perennial To-Do List.

I’ll have four whole days to myself in Dallas, I’ll write the blog then.

It was clear I had never been to a Tony Robbins event. As soon as I walked in the door…

I’ll write the blog on the flight home, I thought.

What I walked into was 4 days and 3 nights of constant, overwhelming, almost aggressive and wildly uninhibited self-discovery. You are surrounded by 8000 people who are all there for the same reason; they are looking for change in their life. Tony really is a master at what he does. The first day he spoke for 10 hours straight, and did not eat, take a sip of water and most impressively did not pee! In 10 hours! I have to go every 30 minutes it seems these days, but I digress. I hung on every word, I laughed, I cried, I danced, I walked on fire (yes, you really do it, and yes it hurts, and no I was not hospitalized nor was anyone I know). I hugged about 4000 of the 8000 people there, I made some incredible friends and in the end walked away with two very important commitments to myself, as I head into this next decade.

1. To be the “funnest”, fittest, happiest, healthiest wife, mother, daughter, friend, entrepreneur and human I can possibly be.

2. To live my life’s true purpose of helping others grow, succeed and feel amazing.

I could go on for days, but suffice it to say I learned so much about myself that I needed to learn in order to really thrive during this next year (which promises to be a period of huge transition and challenge for me) and the next decade and beyond. It was incredible to spend my last week as a 30-something in the presence of such inspiring people and the man who many say invented the coaching industry. If you ever get a chance to attend a Tony Robbins event, just go!

I’ll take a stab at the blog when I get home, I foolishly said to my exhausted self.

When I got home, the husband and kids went on our vacation as planned. We had chosen to do a nice, easy road trip over something more elaborate this summer, and boy was I thrilled about that.

That damn blog! What was I thinking!?

We have been on some amazing adventures with our kids; Iceland, Costa Rica, Mexico, Arizona… but this 5-hour road trip to rural Quebec beat them all, hands down. It was the simple things like riding bikes with my fearless 4 year old, or watching my two year old chase the automated lawn-mowing robot around the vast property grounds (yes, they exist, and they cost about a billion dollars, and yes I must have one!). Or strolling lakeside as a family at sunset. It’s so cliché but life had slowed down enough for me that I could touch, smell and taste all the tiny pleasures I take for granted every day.

Blog? What Blog??

So I intended to write a blog about how I planned to take the world by storm at 40 and instead I am writing this blog over a week late, and just sharing some of the best nuggets I have taken from the last few weeks.

1. If an amazing opportunity comes your way, don’t question, just do it.

2. It’s never to late to create change in your career, your marriage, your way of living. But we do have to give up the story we tell ourselves. My story was “I’m too busy, too tired, too scheduled…” I’m working on letting go of my story.

3. I was living many of my days in fear; fear of never having enough time, fear of letting people down, fear that I am failing. In short, fear that I am not enough. Mamas, I know you can relate. While I accept that fear is a part of all of us, I now refuse to let that fear rule my life and choices. And this will be the hardest struggle of all.

4. Life is too short to be anything less than outstanding. It’s just a fact.

5. This last one, I already try to practice, but needed a little nudge to do it even MORE. Feel and express gratitude every chance you get, because it is everything in life.

On that note I want to thank all of YOU my amazing Mamas & Co. members (or soon-to-be members) for your constant support of this amazing venture. You have no idea how much all of you inspire me with your passion and genius and bravery. And I want to thank my partners and Co-Leaders Emma Rohmann and Linnea Lions, who held down the fort while I savoured my much-needed time away and without whom Mamas & Co. as we know it would not exist. And lastly, I thank you for taking the time to read this blog. In the weeks to come we will return to sharing the stories of our amazing members. If you want to become a member or what to share your story on our blog, email us at info@mamasandco.ca

Hurrah, the damn blog is done! 


Lianne is a mama of 2, the owner of Think Big Sales Consulting and founder of Mamas & Co. And if you've been to one of our events, you'll know she really does love speaking in front of a crowd with a huge grin on her face.


Lianne Kim

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Lianne Kim

UPW changed my life 8 years ago. The experience gave me the confidence and push to quit my teaching job and follow my passion. I continue to learn from Tony to this day – I agree, he isn’t for everyone, but I do his teachings are for me.

Bravo for not only being open to UPW – but for already putting it into action! Great #powermove!!

And welcome to your 40s. It’s a great decade – you are entering a very exclusive and high calibre club of women who are living life to the fullest with no apologies or regrets. :)

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