LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs

LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs, many of us use social media in some capacity to grow our businesses. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are among the most popular social channels. But there is another social platform you might be overlooking – LinkedIn. Whether you sell to other business (B2B) or to individual consumers (B2C), LinkedIn can help you reach potential clients or customers.

You may object to that last sentence by saying that your target audience is not on LinkedIn. But unless your target demographic is people who avoid social media, then your target – and people who know and love your target – are on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has evolved and so can you

LinkedIn has been around for 15 years. Yup. And it has evolved considerably since it first launched. LinkedIn is no longer just a place where recruiters and job seekers hang out. It’s a thriving, informative, educational and helpful social media website for professionals. And I’m not just talking about executive-level professionals either.

Many people have found their niche on LinkedIn – from freelance web designers to doulas to independent MLM consultants – and there’s room for you too.

Let LinkedIn and Google increase your credibility

Think about how people make buying decisions. Some of them will want to assure themselves of your credibility before they invest in your products and services. LinkedIn helps with that. After prospects view your website, they might check out your other social channels. Your LinkedIn profile can supply additional pieces of information that confirms a prospect’s decision to purchase from you.

Sometimes, people who are looking to invest in products and services like yours will deliberately search online for someone to purchase from. LinkedIn helps with that, too. LinkedIn profiles are indexed by Google. And as an already an established platform, your LinkedIn profile could possibly appear higher on the search engine results page than your website, especially if your website is very new or out-of-date.

It’s all about giving and growing

You can reach your target businesses and consumers by participating these two efforts:

  1. Adding value (i.e., giving)
  2. Expanding your LinkedIn network (i.e., growing)

Some may argue with me, but LinkedIn is not a place to push your wares. People buy from people they know, like, and trust. So, this is your first job on LinkedIn – to add value. You add value by commenting, sharing and even creating and sharing your own content.

But all of this commenting and sharing will only go so far. Growing your network is the key to allowing yourself to be found and for finding new people and prospects to connect with. The power of LinkedIn is in the network you build and in the quality of the relationships that form from it. And as entrepreneurs, our networks are our gold.

If you're a mom with your own business, join us for our upcoming Learning Lab on LinkedIn for entrepreneurs! It's happening March 30th at Danforth and Woodbine. More details are here.

Holly Hagan is a resume and LinkedIn profile writer, entrepreneur and long-time member of Mamas & Co. Her business is It’s Personal Branding.

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