MamaCon Highlights (And Why It's Essential to Our Mission)

MamaCon Highlights (And Why It's Essential to Our Mission)

Mamas & Co. began as an informal meet-up of like-minded mama entrepreneurs. As we have grown over the past 3 years, it has remained an important part of our mission to continue providing space for our members to develop meaningful connections and hatch new ideas. Our annual conference, MamaCon, was conceived to help facilitate a full day of inspiration, community, and connection.

For us, this year’s MamaCon was literally a dream come true.

The atmosphere in the room was truly electric. We had nearly a quarter of all our members in one room! And attendees ranged from women in their first year to over 10 years in business. And regardless of how long they had been in business, everyone agreed that they still had new heights to reach (reaching new heights was the theme of the event).

If we may be so bold, the speakers were some of the best we had ever had at ANY live event in our 3-year history. Here's a little sample of highlights from the day.

Making the Impossible Possible

To kick off the day, Shelagh Cummins shared 6 steps to help us make the impossible possible. Her examples and solutions to each of these were so powerful, there were literally tears being shed in the audience!

  • Watch for excuses parading as facts.
  • Reclaim your power over money.
  • Shift your focus to self worth over net worth.
  • Focus on self growth.
  • Vulnerability is critical to building lasting relationships.
  • Be proactive rather than reactive.

Don't Be Afraid of Failure

We also added a panel discussion this year, to learn from some of our members who have demonstrated they have what it takes to reach new heights. Some key themes emerged from this discussion around trusting your gut and switching your mindset around failure. One of our favourite quotes was from Danielle Binns - it’s a reminder she puts on a sticky note at her desk:

"I never lose, I only win or learn."

Designing Your Future Business

Danielle Botterell and Amy Ballon from Spark Consulting gave us the straight-up goods about what’s needed to scale a business. Their 10 tips were so valuable! One quote that got the most chatter afterwards was:

"You MUST own your books... know your numbers because the best indicator of the future is the past."

And one of our absolute favourite messages to help get around the hesitation to let the world know what you do:

"Know in your heart that you are the sh*t. You are the best at doing what you do, and it's mean of you not to share."

Sharing Ideas and Solving Problems

As always, the Mastermind Sessions were inspiring to watch. We had women of all ages and stages in business and all different industries connecting with one another. We had members who received incredible new ideas from women they didn't even know and were not expecting to.  

The More We Get Together...

Most importantly, we were all together.

More and more we live in an online world, and our community has a lot of great online benefits. We know this is important because many of our members do not live within driving distance of our events. We have members in Kingston, Barrie, Guelph... we currently have one living in Dubai! So our online aspects allow these women to be connected to an incredible crew of fellow mama entrepreneurs.

Some of our members have infants and they are unable to leave them at home often. Others have a full-time job, a partner on shift work, or other lifestyle factors that make it harder to get out on a schedule. We get it! This is why we're very glad to have an active and engaged member forum where our 300 members can connect without having to leave their house. Our webinars were also designed with this in mind.

That said, human connection is vital. We thrive when we are surrounded by people who share similar goals and interests as us. We experience true joy when we can look someone in the eye and share an idea that might help change their business.

One of our long-time members said to us, "This is the first time since my baby was born that I left him with someone else, and went out for an entire day!" There is something about a room full of 70 women that is worth making those big decisions. And that is what we need to do.

If we want to be great mothers, great partners, great business owners, then we need to take time to focus on ourselves and refuel. At MamaCon we really give women the opportunity to take time out of the daily grind to focus on what is truly important. And since the event we have heard from so many of the attendees how much the day has fuelled them and given them a renewed sense of clarity and focus in their business.

Mamas & Co. has a mission to connect, support and inspire mama entrepreneurs, and MamaCon is the embodiment of that mission. Regardless of how big we grow or how 'virtual' this world becomes, we will always set aside a day in October to bring amazing minds and hearts together.


MamaCon also had that effect on us. We are more excited than ever for the future of Mamas & Co. and we have so many big things planned for 2018! So stay tuned to our blog for more very soon - you can join our mailing list here to have all the info delivered right to your inbox.

Thanks to everyone who attended, and we hope to see even more of you out next year!

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