The Book We're All Talking About: You Are a Badass

The Book We're All Talking About: You Are a Badass

After 3 very strong recommendations to read You Are a Badass in our members' forum, I downloaded it for my summer vacation reading. Usually I reserve vacation reading for light and fluffy fiction so I can truly shut my brain off. But since all the hype was promising that it would change my life, I figured I could make an exception. Here are the key take-aways from Jen Sincero's book, You Are a Badass.

Own Your Voice

Just within the last few months I heard this advice in a writing course I took from member Janet Nielsen, a business coaching session I had with member Hina Khan, and a marketing seminar I attended by Tad Hargrave. Seriously, this is advice for Life 101. But You Are a Bad Ass does a great job at illustrating just how successful owning your voice - and choosing your target market selectively - can be.

Jen Sicero really does own her voice. She unapologetically swears, uses slang, and her own sense of humour. This might not appeal to everyone, and it certainly breaks the mold from the typical self-help book, but she clearly defined her audience and went forward with her style. You’ll see that reviews of her book are incredibly polarized - people either love it or hate it. That is a sure-fire test that you’ve nailed your own voice (and niche).

Get Your Head Straight

Success in life is as much a head game as it is having  skills and connections. This is the crux of the entire book, but the message doesn't get old. She says: "Decide that you live an awesome, relaxed life full of interesting projects that you love doing and communicate that to the world and yourself. And then go out and merrily do it."

It sounds so simple, but she acknowledges the challenges through examples in her own life as well as hypothetical. She talks a lot about trusting in "the universe" or "source energy" or whatever higher being resonates with you. For some, this might take some time to get your head around. But she does a good job at helping you get there if you open your mind to the possibility.

It isn't about taking a free-ride and expecting the world to land in your lap. It's about believing in yourself, putting in the work to make your dreams come true, and also having faith that your hard work will pay off.

(One side note and word of caution: she talks about using this approach to get out of depression. I think she over-simplifies mental-illness in these examples almost to the point of ignorance and insult to those suffering. But if you can ignore those bits and focus on the advice for other aspects of life, the strategy is a good one.)

Good Habits Take Practice

Just like anything in life, changing your mindset and forming better habits take practice. Many of us feel that we can do it ourselves. While some entrepreneurs readily invest in their future and work with coaches who specialize in different aspects of growing a business, many often shy away from spending money they feel they don't have or that they can do it themselves.

Jen puts it in a way I've not thought about it before: professional athletes have coaches to help them reach peak performance, so why not have a coach to help you flex your business muscles?

Love Yourself

Because you are a badass.

There is so much more in this book, but these are some key messages that I think any entrepreneur can relate to. The book is full of great strategies for life - relationships, career, and self-love - so you could probably read it a few times with a different focus and continue to get wisdom from it. I'm so glad I took the advice from my wise entrepreneurial colleagues in Mamas & Co., and I highly recommend you check out You Are a Badass for yourself.


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Emma Rohmann is co-leader of Mamas & Co., and founder of Green at Home.

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