Why Your Branding Really Matters

Why Your Branding Really Matters

We all know that branding is important, but do we really understand why it is important?

We all have our brands that we connect with, but when was the last time you stopped to think about why you are drawn to them? Is it their business name? Is it the materials they use in their products? Doubtful.

We buy things because of the way they make us feel.  

Seth Godin, Marketing guru and bestselling author puts it this way: “We don’t actually buy the cheapest of anything or, by most measures, the best of anything. When we choose something, when we recommend it, when we miss it [if] it’s not there, we’re buying it as a human… What we want more than anything is to buy it from someone we trust who wants what we want.”

What Seth knows is that branding is really about human connection. We buy from brands that we trust, but we trust them because we have had a connection with them in some way. For many of our mama entrepreneurs, they are a one-woman show. They really are the brand, and when people buy something from them, they are in essence buying THEM.

This is why branding is so important.

People will associate you with your brand, and in fact people often have a very difficult time separating you as a person from you as the brand. That is why it is essential our brand truly reflects what we want the world to see.

The most successful entrepreneurs are those who let their spirit and personality shine through in everything they do. Think about Oprah, for example. Who doesn’t love Oprah? And we love her because we feel like we really know her! We feel like we get her and we understand her, and perhaps we see a little of ourselves sin her. Oprah’s brand is in essence her ability to connect with people.

Online marketing expert Amy Porterfield put it this way “When you have great content, really smart offers, and a foolproof marketing strategy and you are still not getting the traction your brand deserves, what you may be missing is personality.”

And Amy is not the only one to note how important personality is to your brand. In fact our own Laura K Beauparlant of Lab Creative says:

“You need to truly understand the messages you are communicating and the narrative that expresses your personality and identity to tell your story. And you must take time to determine why you do what you do, what makes you different, what personality you reflect, and what benefits your clients gain from working with you… Your Brand Chemistry is a powerful combination of your well thought-out Story and Design.”

Laura is such a marketing genius, that we asked her to speak at one of our final Meet-Ups of the year.  Join us on Wed. Oct. 4th where Laura will share The Secret to Branding Success!

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