Webinar: Mastering the Sales Conversation

If you run a business, then like it or not, you are in sales! And sales don't happen on a website or by email... they happen inside compelling conversations. But for many of us, the thought of selling ourselves to a potential customer or client can feel stressful and awkward.
Our resident Sales Expert, Lianne Kim is going to help you master the art of the Sales Conversation. This webinar covers:
  • How to create more sales conversations and optimize the experience
  • The importance of building long-term relationships (not one-off transactions)
  • How to make people feel amazing and excited at the thought of working with you
  • Creating your very own Sales Conversation Blueprint so you know what to say and when
  • How to talk about price so it doesn't feel icky or awkward
  • Tips on how to enhance the sales conversation experience
  • How to sell your services with confidence and close more sales (read: make more money and help more people!)
Whether you are brand new to selling, or you're hoping to improve these skills, this webinar will provide you with the strategy you need to close more sales and increase your revenue.

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 This webinar originally aired September 26, 2017.

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