No, we welcome moms even if they are simply thinking of starting a business.

Yes, we are a community for mama entrepreneurs.

Visit our Join Now page and purchase online. Once you join, you will receive an email promoting you to fill out our registration form.

2020 Membership is currently closed, but our doors are opening soon. Join our waitlist to be one of the first to find out when.

We sometimes offer discounts or promotions on membership. It’s best to check out social media channels frequently, to keep up to date.

We usually have between 250-350 members in our group at any give time.

Absolutely! We are not like other networking groups, where there can only be one of any business type. In fact, we believe in what we call “community over competition.” We know there is truly enough good things to go around and we welcome anyone of any business type.

Possibly. Depending on the time of year you are looking to join, there are ways that you can get a taste of what our community is like. For example, we welcome you to join one of our “free 7-day trials” that we offer a few times per year. Or if you are in Toronto, we have a few free in-person networking nights. Send us an email to see if we have any of those opportunities coming up: [email protected].

No, unfortunately we do not offer refunds on our memberships or events. In rare instances, we may offer a credit on an event. Please inquire via email.

Yes! Once a month we open a "Promote Yo'self" thread in the Facebook group, where you are free to share what you are working on. Aside from this, please review our guidelines inside the Facebook group for what is and is not allowed. If you have something you think our wider social media audience would be interested in, we are happy to share this on your behalf and we have a protocol for this. We also give members the opportunity to contribute to our blog. We do not charge a fee for promotional opportunities, it is included in your membership fees.

We open our speaking applications to our members twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. We will notify you by email and in our member forum, and you will have the chance to apply to speak. Please note this is a highly sought after opportunity, and not everyone who applies will get chosen. If you are not selected to speak, we invite you to re-apply next round.

The Mamapreneur Fund is only open to current members. We will announce annual applications in the summer ad you will be notified by email and in the member forum. We welcome all our members to apply to for the grant every year.

Yes, we have lots of mamas in direct sales.

We sure think so! We have several Directors of nonprofit organizations as members.

Mamas & Co. membership is per person, not per business. If your partner wants to experience all the benefits of our community, they must also purchase their own membership.

Tons of goodies! We recommend visiting our Join Now page for all the details.

We have courses on every business topic you can imagine such as marketing, business finance, business planning, mindset, social media... the list goes on and on. As soon as you join you'll be emailed direct access to our "Members Area" of our website where you can browse all of our courses and choose the course you're interested in.


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