How many members does Mamas & Co. have?

Currently Mamas & Co. has nearly 250 members. 


 When did Mamas & Co. start? 

Mamas & Co. was founded in November 2014 with our inaugural Meet-up in east Toronto. 


What kind of events do you host?

We host monthly Meet-ups on the first Wednesday of every month from 8:00 - 10:00pm. These are focused on networking and relationship-building and typically include a short talk on a business or life-related topic. 

We also host Learning Labs most months, which are 2-hour education-focused seminars on a range of business topics.

Feel free to view our Events Calendar to learn more.   


How many people attend your events?

Our events range from small learning sessions of about 10-15 people, to meet-ups with 30 - 40 people, to our annual conference of over 50 people.


What happens at the monthly meet-ups? 

Typically we get started around 8:00pm with some networking, socializing and light refreshments. We usually offer some sort of workshop or seminar between 8:30 - 9:30pm. This is included in the cost of the Meet-up and the topics range from business-related to lifestyle-focused. There is usually a Q&A portion and then we cap the evening off with more mingling.


How are the seminar topics decided? 

We always aim to cover a wide variety of topics that will appeal to the majority of our Mamas & Co. members. The Mamas & Co. Leadership Team looks at a variety of factors, such as seasonality, availability of speakers/ presenters, requests from members and areas where there is a need for information. We aim to alternate between business and lifestyle topics with the aim to inform, educate and inspire each month. If you are a member with an idea for a topic, Contact Us


What is the cost of the events? 

Each event has a different cost depending on the venue and other factors, however we aim to keep all of our events and Meet-ups accessible and affordable. We do offer free events several times a year. You can view the cost of each event on our Events Calendar


What is the Advisory Council?

The Advisory Council is made up of active members who donate their time, expertise and resources to the cause of making Mamas & Co. an incredible organization. The council members attend meetings several times a year to weigh in on important issues regarding membership, programming, events and much more. 


How is the Advisory Council chosen?

We hold an Annual General Meeting where members can apply to be on the Advisory Council. Certain requirements much be met such as a minimum time commitment etc. If you are a member and wish to become involved on the advisory council, please Contact Us.


How do I become a member?

If you are a mom with your own business you may Register Now on our website. 


What is the cost?

The current annual membership fee is $39 plus HST for returning members, and $49 plus HST for new members. Memberships are valid from the date of complete registration to December 31 of the membership year. 



Are there any discounts? 

We do not currently offer any discounts on membership fees. Occasionally we may offer an Early Bird registration fee - join our mailing list and follow our Facebook page to find out the details.


Do you offer refunds?

Should anyone wish to leave Mamas & Co. partway through the year, we do not refund the membership fee once paid. 


What are the benefits of becoming a member?

There are so many benefits to becoming a member. You can read about them here.



How can I host or suggest and event for Mamas & Co.?

If you have ideas for events, we want to hear it! Contact us any time.


Are there any events open to non-members? 

Yes! A few times per year we offer a Meet & Mingle event, where non-members are able to come and see what we are all about. We also offer several events a year where members can bring their family members. View our Events Calendar for more info!


How can I get access to the Facebook Member Forum?

In order to get access to the Facebook Member Forum you must first Become a Member.


Are there any restrictions of what I can post in the Facebook Member Forum? 

All posts must be in-line with our Core Values. Members should respect other members and limit posts that are promotional in nature. When in doubt, we suggest members request permission before posting. 


As a member, will I be required to recruit new members?

We do not require our members recruit others to join Mamas & Co. but we find most of our members love what we are about, and want to share it with their friends, contacts and business partners.


Do I need to refer business to other members?

Unlike other networking groups, we do not require our members to refer business or otherwise promote the products or services of other members in the group. That said, members often act within the spirit of "paying it forward" and often do lend support to other members in all kinds of ways. 


How can I present at an event? 

The Mamas & Co Leadership Team put a lot of energy into creating events that engage, educate and inspire our members. We are developing an application process for presenting at Meet-ups and if you are interested in becoming a member, please Contacts Us


Where can I find out more? 


On Instagram @mamasanco

Our our Facebook Page www.facebook.com/MamasandCo

Or by Contacting us

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