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Mamas & Co. is a community of moms who run their own businesses with the aim to connect, support and inspire one another by sharing our common goals and experiences. We believe that life can be rich in all areas and it is possible to be happy and fulfilled while enjoying the delicate balancing act that is life, love, family and entrepreneurial endeavors. We believe in women helping women in a supportive and non-competitive environment. We believe in sharing ideas and educating one another. We believe that there is room for everyone to contribute, grow and succeed in business and in life.

Mamas & Co. began as a group of about a dozen women who met for the first time at a Toronto pub on a stormy night in November of 2014. They talked about life, family, business and their vision for what this group could become. The same themes kept arising; connection, support and inspiration. Since then, the group has grown to include over 200 entrepreneurs (and counting!), a very active online community, and meet-ups that attract a great variety of members.

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