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What is Mamas & Co.?

Mamas & Co. is an online community of mama entrepreneurs. We offer our members opportunities to create meaningful connections with other supportive and inspiring business-owners.

Mamas & Co. began as a group of about a dozen women who met for the first time at a Toronto pub on a stormy night in November of 2014. They talked about life, family, business and their vision for what this group could become. 

Since then, we have grown to include nearly 300 entrepreneurs (and counting!), a very active online community, online learning platform, and in-person conferences and events.

Learn more about joining our community here.

Meet the Co-Leaders

Lianne Kim is the proud mama of two toddlers (she's on the right in the photo). She has over 15 years' experience in sales - selling everything from t-shirts to luxury travel - and started her first business in 2013. Realizing how isolating it was to work from home, she founded Mamas & Co. with a dream to connect with like-minded women over a glass of wine now and then. (Learn more about her journey here.) Lianne is driven to help others succeed and has found her true calling in creating Mamas & Co. She is also the owner of Think Big Sales Consulting and believes in empowering women by helping them understand sales and increase their revenue. 

Emma Rohmann is mom to two spunky young kids. She has over 10 years' experience in various stages of running a business - from management and team-building experience at a nation-wide consulting firm to starting up her own business. Emma is inspired by the amazing talent in Mamas & Co. and is passionate about helping members achieve their goals. She joined Lianne to co-lead Mamas & Co. in 2016 (you can learn why here). She is also the founder of Green at Home, through which she helps families create healthier homes. 


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