Our Values

1. Respect

Above all else, this is a community built on mutual respect. Our businesses are vastly different. We are all varying ages. We come from different backgrounds and, sometimes, have differing views. By respecting each other, regardless of our differences, we create an environment where everyone feels comfortable giving and receiving support. There is zero tolerance for gossip, shaming, bullying, or making any member feel inferior in any way.

2. Give and Take
Like all great communities, we believe in giving and taking in equal measure. This means showing genuine interest in other members, helping others and lending support and sometimes putting others’ needs before our own.

3. Positivity
We believe in the power of positivity and conduct ourselves as such.  Communication should be positive and solution-oriented, with the aim of helping others. While we understand the need to 'vent', the goal of this group is to connect and support in a positive way.

4. Honesty
Members should conduct themselves honestly and authentically in both their business pursuits and their interactions with other members. This honesty fosters a sense of trust in the community and its members.

5. Engagement
With positive engagement comes growth and success. When group members are positively engaged, we can all grow and succeed. We encourage all members to share their ideas about of how we can continue to improve our community, invite and welcome new members, and look for ways to share their knowledge and skills with the group.

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