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"I have been in business for 9 years, and never really found a 'tribe' that truly understood what its like to be both a business owner and a mother. I am so grateful for Mamas & Co. They are a brilliant group of women that lift each other up, teach each other, and grow together!"

Natasha M. (Business Support and Training)


"This group is so great! The connections I've made in the few short months since becoming a member of Mamas & Co. have been tremendous! I'm grateful to have found this savvy and supportive group of entrepreneurs."

Deborah M. (Interior Design)


"The Mamas and Co. community is welcoming and supportive in a way I've never experienced in an office. It's so important for women to build each other up!"

Vanessa G. (Media)


"Mamas & Co provides a supportive community that lifts you up when times are tough and celebrates with you when things go well. They are also the most incredible resource! The hive mind of the group knows how to problem solve any business problem that you might have"

Olivia S. (Postpartum Support)


"After over 10 years of working on my own and telling myself that I enjoy being a "lone wolf", I joined Mamas & Co.  This is the first time I've felt like a part of a community and I'm loving it! The other women have inspired me, challenged me, and made me realize the importance of developing and maintaining connections.  Thanks Mamas!"

Kate S. (Jeweler)


"Mamas & Co. is great for the collaboration, sharing and support that shines through. I'm so grateful. Thank you."

Beth Y. (Fitness and Career Support)


"I love being a part of the amazing group of inspiring and supportive business owners that just happen to be moms too!" 

Cara H. (Music Promotion)


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