Meet-Up: The Quest for Balance


Samantha Wagman (M.S.W., RSW) Sandra Jackson (MSW, RSW, JD) and Hina Khan (RP, CTPd) have joined forces to present a powerful workshop for Mamas & Co. When members leave this event they will have tools and strategies to help improve their relationship to others and themselves. This will be a deep dive into three specific areas.  

1. The individual: Sandra Jackson will discuss the emotional/psychological impact on women when we are disconnected from our own truth, which includes engaging in negative coping mechanisms.  She will provide tools on how to bridge the knowing/doing gap when it comes to honouring the “self”.  

2. The couple: Hina Khan will show participants how our earlier life plays a critical role in who we choose as a partner.  She will give us a powerful exercise that can move us out of any negative dynamic we are caught in with our partners.  

3. The family: Samantha Wagman will explore mental health in the family, with examples from her own clinical work she will share exercises and coping tools to help parents and their children identify warning signs around worry and anxiety. Parents can in turn use these tools to role model coping behavior for their children which fosters positive mental well-being for everyone.  

When it comes to our business taking care of the “personal” is critical.  After all “most business problems are really personal problems in disguise."


Location: Henry Viii Ale House (2469 Bloor St. at Jane, Toronto)


About the speakers

Sandra Jackson is a registered social worker who practices psychotherapy in Toronto's east-end. She is also a family law lawyer. As a therapist, Sandra works with individuals of all ages and stages of life, but specializes in supporting women who are struggling with the pressure to have - and be - it all. As a professional and parent of two young girls, Sandra understands how the pressures of life cause feelings of anxiety, depression, stress and lack of control. Her passion is to help people live their authentic life and make sense of the challenges they encounter along the way. Sandra creates a safe space where you can experience empathy, acceptance and zero-judgment.

Hina Khan is a Toronto-based Psychotherapist and Personal Development Coach who has almost 15 years’ experience in the field of Human Potential. In this time, her focus has been on helping people get to their next level, whether that means creating a big business or strengthening their relationships. Hina works with Thinking into Results a proven method (based on 50 years of research and science) to increases sales and productivity dramatically within six months. Her extensive training at the distinguished Centre for Training in Psychotherapy anchors her coaching expertise. Hina is also a familiar face in television and is called on as an expert for a number of programs.

Samantha Wagman is a social worker who works both at St. Mike's Hospital and in private practice in the East End. Her expertise is in child and adolescent mental health and pregnant/postpartum mood disorders. She believes everyone needs someone to talk to regardless of their age. She recognizes that providing children and families with coping tools is hugely important for growth and development individually and family wide. A lot of times parents don't how to support their kids or feel guilty for showing their kids their own vulnerability ... that's where she comes in! In therapy her biggest take away is equipping the child and family with tools to help everyone cope with unpleasant feelings on a daily basis.

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