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Your Values as a Mom & Entrepreneur

Your Values as a Mom & Entrepreneur

Being a mom entrepreneur is a fascinating and rewarding journey—but it can also be overwhelming at times. I started my own business as a coach and mediator four years ago and since then, I have learned more than I could ever have imagined.

There are so many things I have had to figure out: from coaching session best practices to sales and marketing strategies, from administrative tasks to effective writing. Like you, no doubt, my to-do list never gets shorter.

And as moms and entrepreneurs, we know there are enough things to balance. It’s challenging to be the “best mom” and “best boss” at the same time. The two often feel incompatible.

So what can help us better balance all the things we need to do?

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Where to Invest {First} In Your Business

Where to Invest {First} In Your Business

To spend or to save, that is the question.

When starting a brand new venture, it can be difficult to discern where we should invest our money. Should we spend on inventory or staff? Is it marketing we need to focus on most?  We turned to a few of our mama entrepreneur members who aren’t afraid to invest, but who know how to do it smart.

When creating our lineup for our second annual MamaCon conference, we turned to a few of our seasoned mama members who have created inspiring and impressive businesses. These women achieved a remarkable success in many different ways, so we asked them if they would be a part of our member panel this year. Each one of them responded with an enthusiastic yes and we are so grateful they did.

We recently asked these women: What was the most important investment you made in the early days of your business.

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How I Turned my Trauma into Triumph

How I Turned my Trauma into Triumph

January 25 should have been a day – just like any other day. Instead it wasn’t.

The sun was just coming up when my three year old bounced into our room, onto our bed and then flung his body and his head backwards - into my face. I only remember the cracking sound. After that I don’t remember much.

I still took my kids to daycare, threw up multiple times and made it back home. Over the next 3 days I went to a doctor and was told I had a concussion.  I wasn’t able to see clearly out of my left eye and for whatever reason my left arm wasn’t working properly but I thought that was a normal side effect of getting hit in the head.

After a few days I decided to try and go to the grocery store and discovered I didn’t know where I was going. I didn’t remember my address. I didn’t know where I was and the cars were so loud I couldn’t think. I started to throw up again and cry. I was 60 feet away from my house. The clerk at the convenience store across the street had to walk me back home.

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