Legal Issues Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

Legal Issues Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

When you launch and grow a business, there are legal implications in almost everything that you do, and sometimes you may not even know it. In this blog post, I will highlight some of these implications.

Picture this. You and a friend have a great idea, decide to get together as co-founders, and start a company together. You start meeting up twice a week to brainstorm and work on a business plan. Pretty soon, the two of you have chosen a company name, designed a logo and have a website set up. What are the legal implications at this point?

In this blog we take a look at a very common scenario when starting up a business and the type of legal questions you should ask yourself - and answer.

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5 Ways to Define Your Differentiator

5 Ways to Define Your Differentiator

Your Differentiator is what makes you unique in your market and is a key contributor in creating your business’s brand (the things you want your customers to know about you through every interaction they have with you).  Articulating what makes you different helps consumers sift through the choices they have, helps them understand your distinct value, and ultimately select your business over the competition.

But, defining your Differentiator isn’t always easy. It starts with understanding who your customers are and answering the question: “What problem am I solving for them?”.  Maybe you’ve answered this question, or maybe, like a lot of us, you came at business ownership from a personal passion perspective and haven’t been as customer focused as you could. Or maybe, it’s just time to review the competition and your relevancy.

Here are some pointers to help you define your uniqueness.

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Small Business Finances

Numbers Matter: Why You Should be On Top of Your Small Business Finances

Tax time is looming and you’re looking at that ever-growing pile of receipts on your desk and wondering, ‘when am I ever going to work up the courage to tackle that?’  Your immediate next thought is, ‘wow, those windows look really dirty… I should probably clean them.’  And boom…  receipts get left for another day!

None of us (well… let’s be honest, except for us bookkeepers and accountants!) went into business because we thought doing our finances would be fun.  Our passions and talents lie elsewhere and finances are left on the back burner.  Besides, who wants to finish that awesome new product/webinar/marketing strategy and then have to pour themselves another coffee at 9pm to tackle the numbers?  AND, what if we don’t like that bottom line?

All the advice tells us to get on top of our finances and to understand our cash flow, but it is really that important?

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