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Why Your Branding Really Matters

Why Your Branding Really Matters

We all know that branding is important, but do we really understand why it is important?

We all have our brands that we connect with, but when was the last time you stopped to think about why you are drawn to them? Is it their business name? Is it the materials they use in their products? Doubtful.

We buy things because of the way they make us feel.  

Seth Godin, Marketing guru and bestselling author puts it this way: “We don’t actually buy the cheapest of anything or, by most measures, the best of anything. When we choose something, when we recommend it, when we miss it [if] it’s not there, we’re buying it as a human…"

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The Power of Possibility

The Power of Possibility

Have you ever wondered what is really and truly possible in your business?

Think back as far back as you can – did you ever think it was possible to be doing what you’re doing now? Either earning what you are, or running the business that you are, or having the life that you’re living… maybe you’re astounding yourself, or maybe you want more.

We see evidence of possibility all around us – both the good and bad.

The thing is, possibility starts with a decision.

What decisions are you making that are standing in the way of what is possible for you?

The decisions we make will either move us closer to possibility or further away from possibility. If our decision or our actions are taking us away from what is possible, then it’s likely rooted in a belief that we carry.

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4 Tips for Mastering the Sales Conversation

4 Tips for Mastering the Sales Conversation

Call them discovery calls, sales calls… Whatever you call them, we know mastering this skill is critical to growing your business. If there is one top sales tip I can give you, it’s this:

Sales don’t happen in Facebook or emails. Sales happen in conversations.

That said, it can be really scary to get on the phone with someone for the first time and feel like you have to sell yourself to them. This can give us that “icky”, sleazy feeling, that we often associate with sales. It can also cause anxiety and stress.

I wanted to share my Top 4 Tips for mastering the sales conversation, without that ick-factor.

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