Staying Healthy Through the Holidays

Staying Healthy Through the Holidays

We know this time of year can be busy to say the least. You’re jetting from the school concert, to the neighbourhood open house, to your own year end client appreciation party or managing higher retail volume. The demands on our time and energy as a Mamapreneur can be enormous, and it’s often these hectic times when our guard is down and we fall ill.

Mamas, we know you can’t afford to get sick!

Lucky for us, many of our members are in the health and wellness field and we decided to tap into their infinite wisdom.  We asked them to give us their best tips for staying healthy through the holidays. Their tips fell into a few categories: Nutrition, Intuition, Products & Supplements and Common Sense. Read on!  


Nutritionist Danielle Binns mentioned “It's tough with the holiday feasts, but limiting sugar intake will help keep the immune system strong. Essentially sugar downgrades our immune system, so if we're exposed to any bad bugs our bodies are less capable of fighting back for up to 5 hours after consumption.”

Allison Martineau of Sweet Pea Nutrition agrees that nutrition plays an important role.  “Staying hydrated, eating a probiotic or probiotic rich foods (raw sauerkraut, pickled vegetables, fermented dairy), cut back on sugar, lots of vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables (citrus, kiwi, bell peppers), take a vitamin D supplement and include spices and foods such as ginger, garlic and turmeric.”


Nutritionist Amanda Laird had this to say; “Check your stress! It's no coincidence that cold and flu season coincides with the holidays and business year-end when we are often pushing ourselves to the limit. Say no where you can and manage what you can't - get enough sleep and schedule even just 15 minutes a day to yourself to unwind.

Andi Clark of Home Fit had some great advice: “Self care is key! We often have a list of things we have to do, but as busy moms we tend to put ourselves last. A great analogy is to think about flying with your family. If the cabin pressure drops and the air masks come down, whose do you put on first? Your own, of course! If you don't, you become a liability and can't help your kids. We forget that we need to take care of ourselves as well.”

Products/ Supplements

“Probiotics can be hugely supportive for immune system functioning,” says Jae Steele of HyggeMama. “The latest research is saying it's daily doses around 50 billion CFU for adults that's really beneficial.”

“Our household favourite cold and flu prevention tactic is an herbal tincture called Deep Immune by St. Francis Herb Farm.” Says Naturopathic Doctor Jacqueline Streich. “It works wonders… It’s also great for stress because we know that when we're starting to get run down this is when we become the most susceptible. Adrenal support is key for busy mamas!”

Lourdes Calderon of Young Living on the Danforth Essential Oils added “I rub Young Living's Thieves and Lemon essential oils (diluted with a carrier oil) on the bottom of my children's feet every night for preventative measures. And I use them too! Wonderful immune boosting essential oils.”

Good Old Fashioned Common Sense

Our member Jessica Raymond, essential oils expert and owner of Mother of Rays makes her own all natural foaming hand soap with immune supporting and germ killing essential oils. “We make sure we wash our hands every time we come back in the house from anywhere especially if we were around a lot of people.”

Melanie Stevens Sutherland of RPM Physiotherapy concurred. “As a healthcare professional hand washing is engrained into my daily routine. I probably wash my hands 15-20 times a day and I swear it has saved me from catching all the bugs that walk through my door."

Seanna Thomas (also known as The Nutritionnaire) also echoes the sentiments about proper nutrition and Vitamins C and D but then she added “Stay hydrated, get lots of sleep, and listen to your body.”

Kirsti Stubbs of Oils Simplified has this to say: “Act fast when you start to feel the symptoms that a cold is on the way! Don't ignore the aches or vaguely sore throat.”

We hope you’re able to apply some of these tips and tricks brought to you by our genius wellness members. Stay healthy, mamas and have a happy holiday season!


Lianne Kim

What a great article. This is one I’ll pull out multiple times a year as a reminder. Thank you!

Lianne Kim

These are all great tips! Thank you for including me in such amazing company.

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