The Power of Possibility

The Power of Possibility

Have you ever wondered what is really and truly possible in your business?

Think back as far back as you can – did you ever think it was possible to be doing what you’re doing now? Either earning what you are, or running the business that you are, or having the life that you’re living… maybe you’re astounding yourself, or maybe you want more.

We see evidence of possibility all around us – both the good and bad.

The thing is, possibility starts with a decision.

What decisions are you making that are standing in the way of what is possible for you?

The decisions we make will either move us closer to possibility or further away from possibility. If our decision or our actions are taking us away from what is possible, then it’s likely rooted in a belief that we carry.

You know the word that we use to refer to this phenomenon… where our beliefs undermine our actions or the decisions we make…  

The word is Mindset.

When you play small, there is a belief that is holding you there.

When you start achieving what you want, it’s the belief that you are able to accomplish such amazingness. You believe it’s possible to achieve and therefore take actions to make it happen.

What IS possible for you? What is possible for you and your business? Wave your magic wand and remove all the reasons why things cannot happen, and paint a clear picture of what you want to be possible.

What do you have to believe in order to achieve what you want to be possible?

I can’t wait to meet you at MamaCon, and learn more about you. Ladies, we are going to craft some new beliefs that will better drive the actions you are taking each and every day so that you shift closer and closer to what is possible for you.

Shelagh Cummins is a business coach, consultant, and speaker. Her mission is to show other women that it’s possible to build a profitable, sustainable business they love. We are proud to be featuring Shelagh at MamaCon 2017 on October 21st!

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